Astro Photography


Wide field images

Images shown here are taken with 35mm camera lenses of different focal lengths to best suit the object and attached to a ccd camera riding piggy backed on a guide scope. Most will have a field of view of several degrees. See rig below...Also in May 2014, I added a William Optics 66mm rig to the wide field array.

Wide field rig (west side)

The camera is a QSI583ws attached to a 100-400mm telephoto lens via a mod'd adapter. I used a homemade mounting platform for the 583 camera and the lens, supported by an Orion clam shell style ring, added a homemade heater and extended the light shield that came with the lens. The lens is focused by a Walter Lee belt drive motor and controlled remotely by a Rigel variable speed stepper motor controller. This rig sets on top of a William Optics 66mm guide scope that is also remotely focused by an Orion variable speed motor. Tracking is provided by the Losmandy G11 w/Gemini 1. This is the same guide outfit I use with my 10" LX200 ACF OTA...I just remove everything setting on top of the WO 66 and slide what's left on the 10" LX200 ACF OTA all in one piece. Mount the QSI 583 on the 10" and I'm ready for closeups.

Wide field rig (east side)

Wide field rig...another view

The 105mm lens setup

William Optics 66mm wide field rig

This is the latest addition (May 2014) to the array of wide field equipment. I added a 0.8x focal reducer/field flattener to already short focal length WO66mm and then switched roles for the two scopes... the WO110mm now does the guiding duties and the WO66mm does the imaging

The other side

Latest wide field rig

This is the latest wide field rig. My, so called over/under "shot gun rig". 2 WO 66mm OTAs. One guiding and one imaging.

ST-10XME  on the 110mm refractor


North American & Pelican nebulae wide field

Virgo cluster of galaxies

M16/17 area

The next 2 images are single 15 minute exposures testing the WO 66mm refractor/QSI 583 ws camera

Sadr area wide field

M16 wide field aka Eagle nebula

Sh2-276 aka Barnard's Loop (w/friends)

NGC2024/IC434/B33 area aka Flame & Horse Head nebulae

Sh2-275 aka Rosette nebula

IC1805 & IC1848 aka Heart & Soul nebulae

IC1805 &IC1848 aka Heart & Soul nebulae

Sh2-119 emission nebula

Sh2-103 aka Veil nebula

Sh2-108 (IC1318 aka Butterfly nebula)

IC1396 nebula